Oklahoma Train Hits Semi-Truck Loaded With Vehicles, Sends Them Flying

In a spine-chilling accident, an Amtrak train hit a semi-truck loaded with cars. The incident took place in Thackerville, Oklahoma, USA, on Friday. Hair-raising footage of the crash a truck carrying cars stuck at a railroad crossing. The vehicle is high-centred on the railway tracks. It couldn’t cross the track due to the heavy load. After looking closely, we also noticed a man, trying to give a signal to the locomotive driver. But, this act didn’t work and the semi-truck and cars are blown away due to the crash.

The YouTube caption read, “Semi got high centred on railroad tracks right before Amtrak was due to come through.” 

As per an update shared by Love County firefighters on Facebook, five passengers aboard the Amtrak train sustained injures and were moved to a hospital. “The front of the train locomotive derailed, causing slight damage to parts of the rail bed and preventing the train from being moved.  Inspectors from BNSF, Amtrak, and the Federal Railroad Administration arrived on the scene to assist with command and inspect the damage to the tracks and train, the department added.  

The video has left many viewers baffled. Users empathised with the truck driver for the mishap. A comment read, “I feel that guy’s pain. Glad he and the dogs were not injured. Amazed they didn’t get hit with flying debris.”

Another wrote, “You can hear the agony, the pain from what could not be stopped. I feel sorry and pray for him.”

“How does this keep happening? Feel sorry for the guy,” wrote a person.

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